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Leading the Army 2.0 by AkatsukiMemberWoolfy
Leading the Army 2.0
This is actually a picture I was working on months ago that I never got around the finishing. It was my very first attempt at using Sai instead of photoshop. I really can't be bothered finishing it and have too much on my plate at the moment, so I'm just going to post it unfinished as an Australia Day present ^-^

It is a colouring of this sketch Sasori - Leading the Army - Traditional which is actually a re-envisioning of this old post I did Sasori- Leading the Army

Maybe I'll finish it one day, but don't hold your breath =D
Sasori Alice Card by AkatsukiMemberWoolfy
Sasori Alice Card
Okay, it has been YONKS since I last did anything on Photoshop. I was doodling the other day while watching last weeks episode of Supernatural, and for some reason I remembered my old Alice cards I drew up ages ago. So I decided to draw some of them while I was watching.

One of the reasons I decided to actually colour one of them (I've done all the way up to number 6 by hand) was really just to highlight how much my drawing has improved over the years.
Alice Human Sacrifice Sasori This was the first one I did all the way back in 2009 (5 years ago), while this re-do one Sasori- Alice of Human Sacrifice I did in 2012 (2 years ago).

I have really developed as not only a writer, but as an artist, and I am always improving, and I just felt like I haven't really been showing you all how much I have improved, between working on my original story and of course my writing commission Ocean Blues (which is taking me ages, despite how much I'm working on it DX ).

So yeah, I might do more of these since I already have the pencil-drawings done out (I really love the one i did for the fourth Alice, actually XD ).

Also, the lyrics belong to the ever talented Rockleetist.

Well, as always, I hope you likey ^-^
SasoDei - Ocean Blues

A Sequel to Underneath Thunderstorms

Part Three

A Commission for TerraKuman97

It was impossible for the duo to not draw attention to themselves as they entered the bar. The blonde looked as if he had already been drinking, for he stumbled, and had to occasionally rely on furniture to keep himself standing, while just the sight of a female in this bar was enough to make any patron uneasy. The female walked with a decisive sway in her motions, as if she were swimming through the air.

Their faces were cold and unwavering as they paid no attention to the surrounding patrons. They walked straight to the bar and the blonde easily slid onto a stool, while the girl took to leaning against the counter.

Both boy and girl were amazingly beautiful, but the stoniness in their faces deterred even the drunkest of drinkers.

Konan caught the attention of the bar owner, a sleaze of a man by the name of Jiraiya. "Well, look what the tide dragged in." He stood in front of them, leaning heavily on the counter while he pulled out two glasses from beneath the bar. "Looks like lil Konan has finally returned from the dead." He filled one glass with alcohol before turning to eye Deidara, curious. "You look like you've already had too much to drink."

"Forget about him." Konan drew the man's attention back to herself, downing the glass of alcohol in a single gulp, impressing the scum who still watched them. She slammed the glass on the table and eyed Jiraiya darkly, knowing exactly what questions to ask. "I'm interested in finding something."

"Everyone is trying to find something, sweetie." He leaned over the bar and poured the girl another drink, also filling the second glass for Deidara. Both glasses went untouched. "You have to be a bit more specific."

"I am looking for a fish." She spoke the word carefully and with emphasis. The dawn of realisation on Jiraiya's face was a relief, and almost comical.

His smile widened and he leaned in closer, dropping his voice to a low mumble. "Word is that Orochimaru has caught himself a curious catch in the last few days. Apparently he plans to auction this 'fish' for a pretty penny at midnight tonight."

"Any idea where?" As she spoke, Konan slid a shiny, golden doubloon across the countertop.

Jiraiya took the bribe with a grin. "At the old warehouse, just east of Sunagakure. Should only take about an hour to reach it, but you better hurry or you might miss out."

He winked and Konan straightened up, placing another gold doubloon on the counter, as payment for their drinks. "Thanks, old man." The bartender laughed at the name, and Konan downed the second glass of alcohol he had poured earlier, along with Deidara's untouched glass.

"Don't go getting yourself into trouble now, Konan, or else we might never meet again." He continued to smile, and Konan knew all that she needed.

"Deidara," she turned to the blonde, and he stood up sloppily, seeming out of place in the human scene. They turned to leave, but as they turned they were met by a group of three drunkards.

"Hey, pretty lady." The head of the group stepped close to her. He smelt of alcohol and arrogance. "You lookin' to make some pretty coinage? I can charge you by the hour."

Konan eyed him stoically, "I doubt you would last an hour." The man's supposed friends all snickered at his expense, and the man's cheeks grew flushed with embarrassment.

"What'd you say?" He growled and lunged at the woman, his fist held high.

The woman grabbed him by the approaching fist and flung him over her shoulder, slamming him down on top of a nearby table, breaking the wooden legs. The entire tavern stared at her in awe, utterly shocked by her display of strength. She straightened up and leisurely turned to look at Deidara. "Let's go."

The blonde nodded, and everyone moved out of their way, not prepared to risk another injured drunkard.


The warehouse was ahead, and it was obvious that something was going on inside. The lights were lit and several carriages were pulled up outside of it, the horses eagerly waiting for the return of their owners. "That's the place. They must be keeping Sasori locked up there." Konan pointed as she spoke, and Deidara nodded with a flash of determination lighting his face.

"If Danna is being held captive in there, then we must rescue him." Deidara marched ahead, still unsure on his feet, and Konan followed behind him eagerly.

They did not have to sneak into the building as they had originally thought; the door to the warehouse was wide open, with a mixture of people already swarming around it. Some were clearly wealthier than others, and there was a distinct separation between the classes attending, but all had come to see - and perhaps purchase - Orochimaru's supposed 'Catch'.

Deidara and Konan joined the group without suspicion. The warehouse was filled with seats, all facing a giant tank that was filled with water, but no merman. "Are you sure he'll be here, un?"

"It's the best lead we've got." Konan frowned and continued to look around, but they were interrupted by the approach of a stranger.

"You guys got word as well?" The duo turned to look at the boy who had approached them. He had short blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and despite his warmth, neither Akatsuki member had seen him before. "To think that Orochi actually managed to catch a merman!" The boy laughed and held out his hand, a common human gesture of politeness. "My name is Naruto, by the way."

Konan smiled with equal warmth and took the offered hand, although Deidara was clearly cold towards the blonde. "I'm Konan, and this here is Deidara." Her eyes turned back to the tank, but she kept the frown from forming once again. "This place just seems so ill fitting for such a high-class auction. Besides, if you caught a merman, wouldn't you want to keep it for yourself?"

"He's probably more interested in the money than in the actual merman." Naruto shrugged and led them to a group of empty seats, all with numbered paddles on. "I'm just hoping that the merman is in good condition."

"He will be." Deidara barked the comment a bit too urgently, before he could cut himself off. It must have been hard for him to believe otherwise.

Naruto hesitated for a moment, before he quickly spoke up. "Do you guys know how to auction?"

Konan nodded, but Deidara just shrugged his shoulders aloofly, glaring at nothing in particular.

People began to move for the chairs, and once the seats were all taken, the head of the auction stepped forward. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am Orochimaru." A man with long black hair stood before the tank. His clothes were neat, his skin was pale, and he sent shivers up Deidara's spine. "I thank you all for coming this late at night, but I assure you that it will be worth it. You see, what I have to offer is something seldom seen by mortal eyes. What I have to offer you, fair ladies and gentlemen, is a creature of myth."

A slow murmur ran through the crowd, and Deidara bit his lip, anxious to find out about the red head's safety. What if the supposed 'myth' that this man had found wasn't Sasori?

"Now now, don't be alarmed, all of you who are expecting to see a beast of hell," Orochimaru chuckled briefly, "I assure you that this creature is particularly pleasing to the eye. For it is not a demon that I show tonight, nor is it a banshee; no, the creature of myth that I offer to you…" A stumbling figure was pushed onto the stage, with two tough men at its side, "Is a merman."

And there stood Sasori, barely able to stand, wearing nothing but a red coat and a blindfold. Two men struggled to keep him standing, and Deidara couldn't even tell if his lover was conscious.

The blonde made a move to stand, to go to his love, but he was stopped by both Konan and Naruto. "He's okay." The bluenette took a tight hold of his wrist, "He's not hurt; they probably just gave him a sedative to make their job easier."

Deidara shivered, but he didn’t try to stand. Konan was right; Sasori was okay. The blonde couldn't see a single scratch on the red head's body, and it was made clear that Sasori was conscious when the red head tried to take a step forward.


Sasori couldn't see anything through the blindfold, and his head felt like a whirlpool. His limbs were heavy and his brain felt like mush, but he knew what was happening to him. He was being sold like common livestock. He could hear the people in the room, but he couldn't how many there were. However, he knew for certain that there were at least three. The two men at his sides, who kept him from falling…

And Orochimaru.

"Now I know what you're thinking!" The snake's voice sounded like nails down a chalkboard, "But I assure you that this is no ordinary man." Sasori felt a cold hand grip his chin, and a wave of nausea swept through him at the mere touch. "You see, my friend here truly is a merman. He is fearsome, untamed, and his beauty is beyond words~" The hand ran over his cheek, and the red head shuddered at the sensation. "We had to give him some heavy sedatives just to keep him in line, but I am sure that many of you would accept the challenge of taming this mystical creature."

"How do we know he is really a merman?" Despite the haze, Sasori realised that he knew the speaker's voice. It was a voice from a lifetime ago.

Of course Naruto would be in the audience! He had always claimed that he had once seen a merman with his own two eyes.

"Well, boy, I am prepared to give you all a demonstration." Orochimaru tapped something, and Sasori could only register the sound of glass. "The instructions are very simple for this creature, you see. You just need to add water~"

Sasori felt himself get pushed forward by the two cronies, and he felt himself being lifted. One moment passed, and the two men vanished from his world of darkness.

They were replaced by the cold hands of ice water.

He sunk to the bottom of the tank, and he could hear no more. Sasori could barely move his tail as he hit the bottom; the single limb was far heavier than his two legs had been.

As he tried to sit up, all he could think about was Deidara, and how he wished he could tell the blonde just where he was. Deidara would never know that Sasori had been taken. He would probably spend the rest of his life wondering what he had done to make the red head leave, and that was what broke Sasori.

He couldn't speak in his sedated state; all he could do was mouth the name of the one he loved.


The blonde watched, horrified, as Sasori sunk to the bottom of the tank, but he almost cried out when he saw the red head mouth his name. Even when he could barely move, Sasori was still thinking about Deidara. Seeing the red head so helpless was unbearable, and he struggled to keep his composure.

Konan's grip on his wrist tightened, reassuringly, and it was just enough to keep him quiet.

The damn snake continued talking with a sickening smile. "So you see, ladies and gentlemen, I offer to you…a merman." The room exploded in a series of murmurs and whispers, all in awe. "Now, shall we start the bidding at…10,000?"

Several paddles flew into the air. The auction began.
SasoDei - Ocean Blues - Part 3
Haven't been able to work on this in a while due to my university practicum (where I actually got to go into a highschool and teach students).

Will probably only be one more part, and I apologize :iconterrakuman97: for such a long delay DX There's a reason why I haven't been doing many fan fictions in recent times XD Hope you like it at least, and I know I say this every new chapter, but I will try to get the next chapter out as soon as I can <3
Woolfy’s Notes for As White as Blood-

Pakura was 19 = Sasori 27


Fragile glass ball = Art = Staring or touching it

“To become truly immortal a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense will only interfere”

“Of course I wouldn’t let him dominate me, I’m a puppet master. I am the one who is in control of my marionettes. The day I let myself be controlled by a puppet…will be a very sad day that will never come.”

20 years- Nine tailed demon fox

Yura, Mukade and Setsuko = 8 years old when Sasori was 15

Sasori- “I heard a rumour about the Leaf’s Root Division…They would live together from a young age, raised like a family, until they were finally pitted against one another in a fight to the death. A system designed to kill their emotions completely.”

Dei- “They’re not weird, they’re perfect.”

Dei- “The one who’s in place here is the first it seems. The one we sent to Orochimaru will have to wait (Kabuto? So Deidara did know about it!! But then Dei would have been 14). This one’s turned traitor and has been talking about our movements.” “Okay, so first the one we gave Orochimaru…And now this one…Are our secrets safe with No one?”

Saso- “Can’t be helped, I suppose. But even I don’t know what will happen when the jutsu is cast.”

Sasori came tumbling down (“You need to accept that. In your life, there will be a point where you have reached the top of the hill…And then the only fate which awaits you after that is to come tumbling back down.”) Those who are at the top full further and land harder.

White as Blood? Blood ain’t White. Perfect~

Itachi- 10 or 11 when joined Akatsuki and Orochi left (Orochi = 43, Saso = 25) Itachi 13 when killed his clan/joined (Sasori was 28)

Don’t forget about Kabuto – Sasori was 30ish (“About five years, right?”)- The orders. (Edo Tensei) Reanimation Jutsu - Not analyse Cellular structure. The Item promised? Hand off? What Item? Sent Kabuto to Orochi. Medical Skill (Sasori teach?). Kabuto don’t know Sasori’s true form. Orochi knew. Orochi broke Jutsu. (Creepy =.= ) (Sasori knew it was trap. Secretly wanted revenge? )

Kabuto learned from Sasori to immediately wash scalpels, equipment, etc. “Have to keep these clean. If you don’t the blades will go dull in no time.”

He and Orochi had originally been working on Reanimation (Impure world) jutsu? Orochi took research with him?

Sasori wanted to bring loved ones back? Parents, Daichi, Karura, etc.

Beasts- Three by the time. Seven Tailed Horned Beetle (Taki) (Fu), Five tailed dolphin horse (Iwa) (Han). Gaara

Jinchuriki – To prevent from turning traitor, tradition for host to be selected from family of the village’s own Kage

18 war was over

Karura dies- 20
Yashamaru dies- 27

30 when Dei joins
Dei is 14

15- Hiruko 18th puppet, left Suna (Become Puppet?) (No)

20-24 – Sandaime Kazekage killed/kidnapped

“Mortals are all the same. Life is simply a game to you. What is your whole philosophy? You win some, you lose some, but at the end of the day you all die like dogs.”

Sasori wanted to personally bring Orochimaru down. Deep grudge against him. Didn’t tell Deidara (but was planning on bringing him along?) (No, Dei knew).

Deidara had to kill Orochi? Wanted him dead at least.

“You’re not good, you’re not bad, you’re just nice.” (Infuriating?) (Probably)

Controlling corpses and also weakened humans

1- Deidara
2- Hidan
3- Tobi
4- Kisame
5- Zetsu (before)
6- Nagato
7- Konan (before)
8- Kakuzu
9- Itachi

Pakura test subject. How she get out? >.< Karura motherly figure


Cephalo (PB), Spit (x), Roan, Turquoise(x), Phoenix (PB), Salamander (K), Crow (K), Black Ant (K), Tyke(x)

Salamander, Crow, Black Ant = Karura = Kankuro

Cephalo, Phoenix = Puppet Brigade?

Rats- Keep.

Patience in a bag? Bursting at the seams XD Poor DeiDei

C2 Dragon = Dei’s fave apparently

As White as Blood - Notes
Was cleaning out my USB in preparation for my practicum, and ages ago I put the entirety of AWaB on it, including this little treasure.

I usually like to keep things in my head when I write, but for such a long story with lots of different things happening at different ages, it was easier just to jot a few things down.

I'm posting it to apologize for my lateness in finishing Ocean Blues; uni has been grinding me down lately.

Anyway, I hope it gives you some nice feelings and a bit of further insight into AWaB!
SasoDei - Ocean Blues

A Sequel to Underneath Thunderstorms

Part Two

A Commission for TerraKuman97

Two days had passed since the red head's disappearance, and there was still no sign of him. Many of the Akatsuki had relinquished their search to return to the normality of the merfolk lifestyle, but Deidara and Konan had yet to give up. They had spent each day searching Sasori's usual swimming locations, but with little luck.

Deidara refused to believe that Sasori would have just left him without a single word, and Konan thought the same thing. After all, she had once had to make the decision between the ocean and the land many years before. However, chances of finding the red head grew slimmer with every day that passed.

"We're never going to find him, un!" Deidara bit his lip in dismay, but it was not dismay that he felt, but anger. "After all those years of waiting for him, and then he goes and gets himself kidnapped! He could have been eaten by a fucking shark for all we know, un!" He growled and continued to gnaw at his lip.

"We will find him, Deidara; alive and in one piece." She smiled, but neither the gesture nor her words could appease him of his anger. He thought that, after waiting so many years for Sasori, he would finally be able to live a happy, unlonesome life. He felt cheated by the world.

"Why did my mother have to promise me to a human anyway, un? She could have just worked up the courage to walk onto the shore and grab me herself, but no. She just had to wait for someone else to come and help me! I can just imagine the thought that went through her mind once little Sasori toddled down to the shoreline and found me!" He raised the pitch of his voice mockingly and batted his eyes, his actions emphasised with fury. "'Oh, look at that human! I bet he will be haaaaandsome when he grows up! Oh, I know! I will promise him to my newborn son! I am suuuure that they would make such a lovely couple! What about his inevitable hate for humans? Oh, I am suuuure he won't mind! Oh, and the fact that he is a baby and therefore I don't even know his ultimate sexuality? Pfft, he's my son; of course he will be into men when he is older!' Gee, thanks a lot, mother, un!"

"Well," Konan grinned as best she could, "at least she got that last point right."

Deidara shot her a warning look, before sighing away his frustrations. "Don't get me wrong…I loved my mother, and I love Sasori. I love him with all that I am. That's why I am so angry at the world…I know that I have you guys, but I have always felt so damn lonely all the time. That finally went away when I was with Sasori, un…" He smiled for a moment, but it faded all too soon, "If the world takes him from me, just like they took my mother, then I know that I will always be lonely. I cannot live like that. Never again."

"I know, Dei." Konan placed a hand on his shoulder, but even she could not force a reassuring smile anymore. She knew that it was like to be lonely. When she had been a teenager - and still human - her parents, siblings and home had been lost in a fire that had swept through the town. Konan had only survived because she had been sleeping with her window open, against the wishes of her parents. As soon as the flames were in her room, she was out of the house, not even thinking about her mother and father and sisters until it was too late.

She had lost everything. The only life that had awaited her was of streets, poverty and prostitution. And loneliness. The same loneliness that she had always seen in Deidara, and the same that she had seen in Sasori when they had first met. The red head had lived a lonely life too, and that was why Konan knew that he would have never just left Deidara. He would only be ruining himself.

Just as Konan was about to speak, a flash of colour appeared in the distance. The figure was moving, and was definitely alive. For a moment she could sense the hope in the water, but a few moments later it fell back into despair. The figure ahead was not Sasori; it was a mermaid by the name of Ino.

Konan had once caught her in their territory, but it had been obvious that the only thing the blonde mermaid had been interested in were the flowers of the area. In the end, the blue haired mermaid had allowed the Konoha girl to come and go from the Akatsuki territory as long as she did not cause any trouble. Deidara instinctively glared at her, but Konan had been sure to alert all of the Akatsuki of the girl's presence in their territory.

Once they neared, the girl finally looked up at them, an expression of both surprise and relief on her face. "Konan! It is good to see you!" She smiled and eagerly turned her attention back to the undersea blooms. "Aren't they beautiful?"

"Of course they are." Konan had always loved the flowers here, but today there was no time to waste on blossoms. "Hey Ino, did you happen to see a merman pass this way? He has red hair and a red tail to match, along with the usual Akatsuki necklace."

"Oh, you mean Sasori?" She withdrew her attention from the flowers once again. The merman tensed at the mention of the name, and Konan also brightened up.

"You have seen him, un?"

"Yeah, he swam this way a few days ago." She shrugged her shoulders and settled her tail down on a rock, careful not to cover the flowers. "He went after a school of fish. It looked really weird actually." A very thin smile curved her lips, but there was a clear caution in her motions. "He was a little stupid, if you ask me. He went right up near the surface of the water, and I doubt he even realised that there was a boat in the area."

"A boat?" Both Konan and Deidara pipped up at once, and the blonde mermaid nodded with a shrug.

"Yeah. I didn't really see much of what happened. I saw the fish get scooped up in a net, and Sasori had disappeared along with them." She shrugged, but both females were shocked when Deidara suddenly lurched forward and grabbed Ino by her hair. "Ow! Ow! Ow!"

"Why didn't you do anything to help him?" Deidara's voice was a vicious growl, and he bore his teeth as he pulled harder on her hair. "He was taken by humans, and you just sat and watched, un!"

"Deidara!" Konan grabbed the boy's wrists, tightening her own grip until Deidara finally let go of Ino's hair. The blonde mermaid swam a few paces away, but at least she did not flee.

"Why would I help him?" Her own voice was a growl as she fussed around with her flowing hair. "He is an Akatsuki! I only come here for the flowers. Aside from Konan, I have no warmth for your clan." She stuck up her nose and stopped messing with her hair so that she could cross her arms. "Besides, there is the sea-wide assumption that you guys are capable of looking after yourselves."

"You could have at least alerted us, un!" If looks could kill…

Ino flicked some hair out of her face and smiled at him incredulously. "Are you kidding me? I am only allowed in this area of your territory because it is near the border! If I were to go any deeper into your territory, then I would be killed on sight!"

Deidara bit his tongue, knowing that what she said was true. There was no tolerance for outsiders in Akatsuki territory. If she were to go anywhere beyond the sea-flower field, there was the possibility that she would find their settlement. If she knew that location, then Pein would have to make sure she would never tell anyone from her clan. Only death awaited her in Akatsuki territory.

"Do you know anything about the ship?" Konan broke the silence, and Ino responded firstly by shrugging her shoulders.

"I didn't catch a name or anything. I certainly am not dumb enough to go up to the surface while there is a ship around!" She returned to fiddling with her hair, as if she were assessing her knowledge. "I did see the direction that it was headed though."

"You did?" Deidara brightened up in an instant as hope suddenly filled the air. "Where did it go?"

Ino shot him a sinister glare before turning to Konan, clearly disliking the blonde, which was not unsurprising after his earlier assault. "It was headed in that direction." She pointed behind her, towards the area that all merfolk avoided.



The room was a blur of weight and sleep. Sasori felt unbelievably heavy, lying on the hard bed, resisting the overpowered urge to fall into unconsciousness.

Ever since he had been brought to the room, he had been under heavy sedation. He knew that all he had to do was stand up and walk out the unlocked door, but his body refused to move.

His vision grew blurred as a wave of sleep tried to overtake him, but he fought the current with all the energy he had left. Sasori remained awake.

He still wore the clothes he had found on Orochimaru's ship, and he was almost grateful that no one had attempted to undress him. Even the snake of a man had done little more to Sasori after that kiss. The red head was merely property, and Orochimaru could not afford to damage him.

"Well, look at those sweet, bedroom eyes of yours~" Sasori only noticed Orochimaru after he had spoken. The snake had been sitting on a chair in front of him for who knows how long, and Sasori had failed to see him. The sedatives were even stronger that he had thought.

Sasori tried to speak, but he could barely move his tongue, let alone his lips. The only movement he could manage was the closure of his eyelids, but this only invited sleep. Just like that, he was lost in dreams.


The shore looked dark and foreboding in the darkness of night. Deidara felt disgusted at the mere sight of it, although he knew this sense of disgust was actually fear. It had been a long time since he had seen dry land this close, and he knew that their journey would only begin at the shoreline. "Do you really think he is somewhere is this town, un?" Deidara looked around, his face sour and sorrowful.

"We have no choice but to check it out." Konan was leading the way around a rocky outcrop, and her eyes were carefully scanning the area for danger. "Sasori is probably being held captive somewhere, and we have no idea what his captive's motives are, or even if they have a motive."

"Let's just get this over and done with." Deidara glared at the land, and his fear only grew once he heard the call of human voices. He hid most of his body underneath the water in panic, but Konan merely watched the two humans who went running, naked, into the ocean. It was obvious that the man and the woman had failed to notice the two merfolk hiding within the shadows, and in any case, they were far more interested in one another to look around.

"Young love." Konan smiled gently before turning her attention back to the mostly-submerged blonde. "Before we go diving into things, I want you to think really hard. What is it that humans have?"

"No sense of humour." Deidara said the first thing that came to mind, and this answer forced Konan to roll her eyes.

"Modesty; humans have modesty. Meaning that they also wear clothes, correct?" The blonde was blank and disgruntled, and Konan questioned why she had brought the human-hating merman along for the rescue mission. "Therefore, if we want to walk down the street without drawing attention, we have to get some clothes."

"Why, un?" He lifted an eyebrow and gestured to the (really) happy couple, skinny-dipping in the ocean. "They don't seem modest at all."

"It's different..." She suddenly paused as an idea crossed her mind. "Wait a second…Exactly!" Deidara tilted his head and she continued to sneak to the shore via the darkest of shadows. "Oh I am a genius!"


The streets were empty, but for a few drunkards on their hobble home and the peculiar duo who wandered the streets aimlessly. The male stumbled while he walked, and he had an arm over the girl's shoulder as she helped him. Any onlooker would have simply assumed that the woman was merely trying to help her drunken husband home. The truth was beyond their imagination.

"This is so uncomfortable, un. I don't know why humans bother." Deidara tugged at the shirt, feeling constricted by the clothing. It was annoying and itchy, and his alabaster skin was not used to human material.

"It's kind of ironic when you think about it." Konan grinned as she continued to help the struggling Deidara to walk on his new legs. He must have practiced with Sasori around, for the blonde was not doing such a terrible job of walking, even if he did require Konan's assistance. "We earned our modesty through human immodesty." She continued to smile, but Deidara just shot her a look of disdain. She could not blame him; the land was a strange place for sea dwellers, just as the sea had been so strange for her.

Konan remembered the day when she had joined the merfolk. It had been a week since she had lost everything, and she had been on the verge of starvation. Her clothes had already turned to tatters, and she had become a shell of the girl she had once been. On the same shore they had walked merely an hour ago was where she had decided to end it all. Standing on that shore, she decided to leave the world behind.

She dived into the water and she started to swim. Her mind had been set. She would swim. She would swim even when she could swim no more. There would never be a return for her, for there was nothing to come back to.

After days of swimming aimlessly, she had barely been able to move her limbs. She had started to sink, but she never ended her struggle. Only when her consciousness gave up did she finally stop swimming. She did not know what happened after that, but eventually she had awoken to find herself on a small cay. And he had been there.

Pein had sat beside her, looking both curious and concerned, and he had innocently been offering her a live fish. On the verge of starvation and dehydration, at the sight of the stranger offering her a fish, she had been unable to control her tired laughter. It seemed utterly absurd, and she had been unable to stop laughing for a long time.

Now back on the streets that she had deserted long ago, everything seemed both different and eerily the same.

"So where should we go?" Deidara continued to tug at his clothes, and Konan returned to reality.

"Easy. We head over to the Serpent's Tail." She pointed ahead, at a building with light pouring out of its dirty windows. "If there is a merman in Sunagakure, they would know there. But to blend in there, we have to act like the fearsome Akatsuki we are."  A sly smile curved her lips, and her eyes grew cold.
SasoDei - Ocean Blues - Part 2
Finally got back from overseas. Sorry this part isn't as long as the first part, but I figured that after the long wait it would still be appreciated at this length.

I've really been distracted lately by stuff outside of the internet, so I haven't had much time to work on this as much as I would like to, but I am trying my best to finish it as soon as I can ^-^

Hope you likey ^-^


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- If you want me to follow a specific idea or plot, I have to like it for obvious reasons
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- Please send me a note so we can discuss before paying

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Did not even realise that it had been so long since I had written a journal entry! Time really has flown by o.o

Not much to really say; I am currently doing my first lot of uni exams for the year, and I have watched a lot of different animes over the course of the year!

I apologize for my fanfiction writing hiatus; if it eases your pain, I am up to chapter 26 of my own original book o.o And my OTP at the moment is RannMaru (my own characters), but SasoDei still holds a special place in my heart! XD Even now, the word 'Danna' still just randomly appears in my head, confusing me with its occurrences.

I will alert you all once my book is complete! Just gotta try to fulfill my life long dream first ;)

I could always give you all a sample of what I had written so far...Maybe just a tiny peek ;)

    Maru boldly moved his hand forward again, as if to touch the man's handsome face, but he was stopped when a sudden strong hand gripped him by the wrist. A pained groan greeted them as the man began to move, and Rann finally opened his right eye. His left remained shut as he slowly sat up, and Maru was unable to retreat to safety, for the dangerous man still held his wrist.

    With his free hand, the man rubbed his forehead, as if he were trying to numb the ache he must have felt. His fingers ran through shaggy, brown hair that reached just below his ears. His fringe was strangely overgrown over the left side of his face, and it was obvious that he only shortened the fringe above his right eye. The stranger paused for a moment and looked to them blankly with his single, open eye. "Where is my eyepatch?"

    "Right here!" The blonde was clearly nervous, even though he attempted to hide his anxiety behind a smile. He was holding the black material to the man with his free hand, waiting for him to take it and release him. "It is nice to meet you. My name is Maru, and before you ask I am totally, one hundred percent single!"

    The guard looked at Maru blankly, taking his eye patch from him before turning his attention towards the girl. "Are you okay, ma'am?"

    She blinked in surprise at the question, and quickly nodded her head. "Yeah, just a little bruised and shaken, but nothing I can't handle. How are you feeling? I hit your head pretty hard…"

    "I was the one at fault, my lady. I apologize for my own actions. I fear I was not in the right mind at the time." Rann looked to the hand that still stubbornly held onto Maru's wrist, and it was as if he had only realised he was holding onto him at that moment. He let go indifferently and pulled the black material back over the left side of his face once again.

    As soon as he was free, Maru had scrambled backwards, as quick as a rabbit trying to put some distance between itself and its predator. The boy paused, still staring at the stranger with both caution and uncertainty. Even so, it did not take him long to finally speak. "This girl here is called Raly, and I will be the first to thank you for saving her." He grinned at the guard from a safe distance of two metres. Maru was rubbing his freed wrist anxiously, but his smile was that same flirtatious smile that made Caralyn question her guide's intentions. "In appreciation, I should really take you out to dinner sometime."

    Caralyn grabbed Maru by the arm, her expression absurd and her voice a whisper. "I thought we agreed that you wouldn't flirt with strange men you just met anymore…"

    Maru shrugged and laughed nervously, "I only agreed that I wouldn't flirt with princes! Does this guy look like a prince to you? Cut me some slack, Raly! I haven't seen someone as handsome as him in an eon!"

    "But he tried to kill you!"

    "You're still young, so I will put it into words you will be able to understand." He paused, and so did the world, all anticipating his sacred words. "…He. Is. Handsome." Caralyn slapped her own forehead, once again questioning the wisdom of her 'knowledgeable' guide.

Ever mention how much I love Maru? ;) He's an absolute dick, but he is still so damn lovable XD
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