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Cyber Punk Connor Portrait by AkatsukiMemberWoolfy
Cyber Punk Connor Portrait
Wanted to draw Connor, only had a dark blue pencil around...and this was the result ='D I managed to get up the bother to find a red pencil at some point =D

So yeah, two-pencil portrait =D
Cyber Punk Connor by AkatsukiMemberWoolfy
Cyber Punk Connor
Wowe, it has been yonks since I last uploaded anything...huh...Well here is a picture I did recently. My Call of Cthulhu game is being swapped for a Cyber Punk RPG. Introducing my character Connor the Pitbull. He's a Solo with an intimidation of 9/10 =D He focuses primarily on his rifle or the SMG he keeps in his right arm, but is also able to stave off enemies who get too close with his cyber snakes. He's a hard character to play though - he usually only grunts, and if he does say something I have to figure out how to say it in as few words as possible...

His backstory is simple: did soldier stuff, fell in love with a man named Romulus, ended up getting engaged but his fiance was then killed by a Booster Gang, and now he wants to hunt down every last one of them. Has practically sold his soul to a company for all his high tech additions, but doesn't really care, so long as he gets his revenge or dies trying to get it...also he's a bit of a whore...

Welcome to the future!
Hey guys! How is life treating you? Hope it is going good =D

I have submitted in a card to the Loot Crate Summoner Card contest, and I wanted to see if you guys could help me out! The link to my card is below

I would really appreciate it if you could vote for it for the contest ^-^ All you have to do is press the heart button near the bottom of the card! It's super simple and you get to see my wonderful artwork while you're there =D

Thanks for all of the support <3

- Woolfy
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Shoggoth by AkatsukiMemberWoolfy
Lately I've been a part of a roleplay group playing Call of Cthulhu (I have quite a lot of pictures of my character, Gregory Williams, that I might be willing to submit). I decided to read some H.P. Lovecraft to get myself better aquainted with the universe, and after reading At The Mountains of Madness I just had to draw this. If you're unfamiliar with Lovecraft this creature is known as a Shoggoth. They're described as being very dark but I really didn't want to just be colouring in black pencil so I coloured the creature up a little. Did this on the 3rd of March but only just realised that I should upload it.

Just done with some fine liners, coloured pencils and a little bit of white paint. Hope you likey - now lose D12 SAN!!

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SasoDei - Ocean Blues

A Sequel to Underneath Thunderstorms

Part Four

A Commission for TerraKuman97

Konan waited as the price continued to increase. As the buyers continued to fall. Eventually she also began raising her paddle, placing a bid on the red head's life. Of course, they had no way to pay the ludicrous sum that was the current bid, but that didn't matter. They had to rescue Sasori.

Deidara sat in silence, biting his lip. Konan was surprised by his self-control; it must have been hard for him to have the red head so close and in such a state of suffering. A sight like that was simply unbearable.

Naruto also sat in silence, never lifting his paddle or placing a bid. He had probably just come to the auction to see the merman, as had most the audience. However, there were several who seemed just as determined to win the prize. By now, several had dropped out of the race, but the air was still thick with tension.

Konan just kept raising the panel, cringing as the figure continued to rise. She didn't plan on paying it any case, but it was still disturbing to see how highly humans priced the life of a merman. Just the thought of selling a life sickened the bluenette. Humans were despicable.

The number of bidders continued to fall until there were only two bidders remaining: Konan was one of them. The other was a woman with long blonde hair and giant breasts. However, she was growing more and more hesitant as the price continued to rise.

And then it was over.

Konan raised her paddle and there was no more opposition.

"And that, ladies and gentleman, is the current bid!" Orochimaru called out across the quiet room, "Do we have anymore takers? Going once," he paused, "going twice…" Orochimaru was met with complete silence. And then, "Sold, to the lovely woman with blue hair!"

There was a low murmur from the crowd, followed by begrudging applause. They watched as the two burly men on stage pulled the red head from the tank. Deidara watched quietly as the men took his lover away from the limelight and carried him into a room behind the stage.

"Now," proclaimed Orochimaru, "would you like to come up to the stage to collect your prize?"

Konan and Deidara stood up, and after a few moments, Naruto also got to his feet. It seemed he now considered himself a part of their small group. They made their way to the stage, although Deidara never disconnected his gaze from the doorway Sasori had been taken through only moments ago.

The crowd continued to murmur amongst themselves, although the room suddenly grew eerily quiet once they reached the stage. Orochimaru stood in front of them with a sly smile and a twinkle in his eye. "Welcome to the limelight," he said, "and congratulations on your victory. I assure you that you won't be disappointed~"

"You better hope for your sake," warned Konan, "that I will not be disappointed. Before we discuss payment, I want two conditions to be met." A low mumble buzzed through the audience, but they were silenced by a glance from the snake-like host.

He paused, but soon turned his attention back to Konan. His smile was gone, but there was still a spark in his golden eyes. "What, may I ask, are your conditions?" he questioned. "I could always pawn my merman off to the next bidder if your terms are too…'extravagant'."

"Firstly, that merman didn't seem too lively," pointed out the bluenette. "I want my associate here to check on his health," she decreed while gesturing to Deidara. "While he is doing that I would like to investigate your tank here. I want to be certain that what I've just bought is a live, healthy, genuine merman."

Orochimaru slowly licked his lips, but after sometime he finally nodded his head. "Very well…" He turned to the audience, smile returning. "I ask that you all remain here while we sort this out. Who knows, you may have another opportunity at winning my prize~" Orochimaru purred and whispered something to one of the two guards, who had just returned from removing Sasori from the room. One cringed and the other smirked. Nevertheless, they both quickly disappeared into the back room. "Don't worry," said the snake with a pur, "they're just attending to him for a moment to make sure he is…'sociable' for your examination." He winked at Deidara and turned to Konan, who began to question him about the tank.


Sasori still wore his blindfold, but one of the guards had removed his sopping cloak, leaving him naked on the bed. He shivered from the cold, but that didn't compare to the cold dread he felt once the door opened again. "Well Red," said one of the guards with amusement, "looks like our buyer is concerned about your health. Boss doesn't think they'll be satisfied with you all sedated and shit, so we're going to give you something to make you a bit more lively!"

Before the words even registered, Sasori was rolled onto his back and he felt one of the two thugs tying his wrists to the bed. The red head attempted to struggle, but his limbs still felt impossibly heavy and the deed was quickly done. Just when he thought it was over, he felt the unexpected pain of a needle being jabbed into his arm. He managed a hiss, but he was again able to do very little against them.

"What…" Sasori mumbled, struggling to speak even the shortest words, "…What was that…?"

"Just something to perk you up a bit," laughed the other thug. "Now give our guest a good show."

He listened to the guard's retreating footsteps and found himself begrudgingly wondering about his new supposed 'owner'. The red head hadn't been able to hear anything in the tank and so he didn't even know the gender of the highest bidder.

He became distracted once he felt another shiver course through his body. Sasori realised that the coldness of the room had vanished and a comfortable warmth was beginning to envelope him. A gasp escaped his lips and he felt his heartbeat like a hammer in his chest. What had those thugs given him?

He became aware of his arousal, a cold dread forming in the pit of his stomach. So the bidder wanted him for that reason? Sasori chastised his body and attempted to curl up, but with little success.

Sasori didn't want to sleep with anyone. Hell, he was guilty enough about being kissed by Orochimaru! Having sex with someone aside from Deidara was completely unimaginable. He didn't want to be unfaithful; he couldn't do that to the boy he loved.

Nevertheless, Sasori's drug-induced arousal was growing stronger and it wasn't long before he heard the door open. The dread he felt in the pit of his stomach grew into a wave, mixed with guilt and embarrassment. He heard the door close and quiet, uneven footsteps signalled the presence of a stranger.

His new 'owner'…

"Don't…" Sasori rasped, once again attempting to curl his body and hide his arousal. "Please…I can't…" I can't cheat on him, even if it is against my will. That was what he wanted to say, but he interrupted himself with a gasp. His body was growing warmer, but his mind still fought. "I…love him."

He felt a soft hand brush his shoulder and he attempted to flinch away from the touch, but with little success. A heart that had been so sluggish only moments ago was hammering in his chest. And then the voice. That soft, familiar voice…"It's okay, un," they whispered. "It's me."

Was he hearing things?

The gentle hand continued upwards until it reached the blindfold. Sasori felt the fabric as it was pushed upwards and he was finally able to see. His eyes met with blue. Blue eyes, to be specific, framed by golden hair. Sasori stared up at the blonde, speechless and confused. "Impossible," he managed to mutter. "Deidara can't be here…"

He was probably hallucinating. Deidara was probably at the bottom of the ocean, wondering why Sasori had left him. The red head closed his eyes, but was forced to open them once the hallucination began to frantically shake him. He eyes met again with the spitting image of his love. "It's not impossible, Danna," promised the blonde as he lovingly cupped the red head's cheek. Tears were falling from his sky-blue eyes, but he was smiling. "I found you…" The blonde flinched as more tears began to fall, and he had to force the words from his throat, "I finally found you, un!"

The blonde wrapped his arms around Sasori's neck and continued to sob tears of joy. It was only then that the red head believed him. This wasn't a hallucination; this was his love, alive and in the flesh. He really had found him…

"Deidara…" murmured Sasori as he gently kissed whatever skin he could find, "It really is you."

"Konan is here too," reported the blonde as he pulled away from his lover. "She is sorting out payment in the other room with Naruto and Orochimaru. I don't know how they're going to work it out, but you're safe, un." Deidara shifted, accidentally brushing against Sasori's forgotten arousal. The red head gasped, no longer feeling the guilt that had tortured him only moments ago. "Are you okay, Danna?"

"Yeah," he muttered, "but they gave me some weird drug before you showed up…" He felt a bead of sweat slide down his forehead and his body was still growing warmer. The red head looked back to Deidara, his eyes widening as he did so.

He was beautiful. Deidara was beautiful. His movements were far more confident than they ever had been in human form and Sasori remembered his thunderous heartbeat. He had to have him.

Sasori felt the binds around his wrists come free as Deidara released him and he chose that moment to strike. He grabbed the blonde and rolled them over, pinning his lover beneath him. Sasori's ragged breathing filled the air as he stared down at the blonde, his eyes burning with lust.

Deidara shivered beneath him and hesitantly spoke. "We need to get out of here, Danna, un…" He attempted to break free of Sasori's grasp, but the red head refused to let him go.

"No," murmured the larger male, "I mean…I know we need to go, but…" His mind grew blank. Why did they need to go again? In fact, why were they in this situation? He couldn't remember. The only thing that mattered was his lover beneath him. "I need you, Deidara," he admitted with a lustful groan. "I need you now."

Before the blonde could protest, Sasori had already leant down and started to attack his neck. He felt the skin against his lips and he noticed the movements of Deidara's body against his own. The blonde was still attempting to fight him, but it was a losing battle. "D-Danna…" managed the younger with a gasp, "We…We need to…Ah!" He cried out as the red head bit down on his neck and for a moment the blonde forgot where they were as well.

He moaned again and wrapped his arms around the red head, pulling him as close as possible. Sasori's had slipped down to his growing arousal and he began to feverishly fondle the blonde, throwing him even deeper in the pools of lust. At the same time, the red head brought his other hand to Deidara's mouth and the blonde began to compliantly suck on the offered digits.

Sasori shuddered at the sight and felt his own desire grow. He stopped fondling Deidara to remove the blonde's stolen pants, feeling a strange rush of eagerness at the mere act. It was the first time he had been able to remove clothes from his lover's body. "Deidara…" he managed in a husky voice. The blonde took that as a cue to release Sasori's fingers, and the red head instantly inserted two inside of Deidara's heat.

The blonde gasped but didn't complain as he rocked his hips against Sasori's digits, mewling with anticipation. The red head scissored his fingers and slid them in and out a few times before adding his third digit, preparing Deidara as thoroughly as he could, despite his maddening need.

Eventually he could not hold himself back anymore and the red head quickly removed his fingers. "I need you…" he managed to whisper below his breath, and Deidara answered him with a flushed nod. Sasori positioned himself at the blonde's prepared entrance and slid himself inside without any hesitation. He groaned at the feeling of tightness and Deidara's hands wrapped around him in moments, holding onto him as if he were the only real thing in the world.


While all this had been happening, Konan and Naruto had remained with Orochimaru on stage, sorting out the apparent fee. The place was still full of people, some waiting to see if they would have a second chance to buy the merman while the rest waited in hope of another glimpse of the mythical being.

"So then," said Orochimaru with a wicked grin, "how do you plan to pay for my prize? He was not an easy find."

"We understand," replied Konan with a false, sheepish smile. "A merman isn't something you come across everyday and my associate and I are willing to purchase him." She was stalling. Konan had no idea what she was going to do now to ensure Sasori's return. She didn't think Orochimaru was the sort to accept gold doubloons as a substitute and she certainly didn't have enough doubloons hidden away in her hair to pay the promised amount of wealth.

"This is a nice tank," came the voice of Naruto as he turned his attention to the water container. He tapped on the glass a few times, successfully drawing the attention of the snake.

"I had it made specifically for this auction," confessed Orochimaru with a shrug. "I needed something to display my aquatic marvel to the crowds. Now, the fee…"

Before Konan could stall any longer, Naruto suddenly turned to the audience and began to shout at the top of his lungs. "This tank is cursed with witchcraft!" A gasp arose from the crowd at the accusation and a loud mumbling began as the people began to whisper between themselves.

"Preposterous!" cursed an angry Orochimaru, losing his smile to anger. "This is just a normal glass tank!"

"No it isn't!" joined Konan. She didn't know what Naruto's plan was, but it was best to go along with anything at this point in time. "This is definitely the work of witchcraft!"

"Yes!" agreed Naruto, still talking to the audience. "I have seen this selfsame tank before, owned by one Sakura Haruno!" Konan knew that to be a lie; the tank that Sakura had used to capture Deidara was still at the bottom of the ocean, along with the Lightning Queen - the boat it had been attached to. "Many people who had been on Miss Haruno's voyage claimed that they caught a merman and kept it in this tank! However, that is impossible as there is no such thing as merfolk! This tank has been cursed so that any human who steps inside its watery depths will appear to have the tail of a fish!"

The whispering of the crowd rose and an outraged murmur began to take root in the once harmless rabble. Orochimaru cursed and grabbed Naruto by the front of his shirt, "What are you doing, Naruto?" he asked with an angered hiss. "You know full well that this is just an ordinary tank! I don't know what game you're playing, but I suggest you put an end to it right now!"

"I can prove that it's cursed," volunteered Konan. This must have been Naruto's plan all along! Convince the crowd that the tank was cursed and then she would go in, turn into a mermaid and prove to the crowd that it was a matter of witchcraft! "I will go in and see if it is cursed!"

"No," Naruto stopped her with a glance, "I think Orochimaru should test it himself. That is the only way we can be convinced of its nature."

Konan paled. Huh? But Orochimaru wasn't a merman; what was Naruto thinking? Or maybe he honestly believed the tank was cursed…

"Very well," replied Orochi with a sneer, "I will go in and prove it isn't witchcraft and then I want my money." The snake pulled off his jacket and climbed the ladder.

The audience grew quiet in anticipation. Orochimaru's bodyguards calmly watched. Konan held her breath.

The snake slid into the water and his legs were no more.

The crowd gasped in shock and even Konan was startled by the sight of Orochimaru's legs turning into a merman's tail. Even the snake was clearly startled by the sight as he stared through the water at what had once been his own two legs.

Konan turned to the audience, noticing that some began to stand from their seats. They looked as if they might grow violent, but they seemed to dismiss the thought of a revolt once Orochimaru's two bodyguards walked forward to remind the audience of their presence.

People began to exit the building in haste and Orochimaru managed to pull himself from the water, finding his legs returned once he was free of the tank. He stood dripping on the platform, still shocked from his fresh experience and the revelation of what he had become.

Once everyone was gone, Orochimaru dismissed his bodyguards and slumped down on the edge of the platform. "What have you done to me?" he asked with a hiss, but he had no more anger in his voice.

"I told you not to kiss a merman if you liked having legs," came the unexpected voice of Sasori. The trio turned to see the clothed red head being helped along by Deidara, who seemed very satisfied with himself. "You really should've heeded my warning." The red head stumbled but Deidara kept him from falling over.

Orochimaru bore his teeth at them, but he could not think of a rebuttal. Eventually he had something less biting to ask: "Is there a cure?"

"There is no cure," said Naruto with a sombre smile.

All eyes turned to Naruto. "Wait a moment," murmured Konan in realisation. "How did you know Orochimaru was a merman?"

"I just had to look at him!" proclaimed Naruto with a grin. "I have been around many merfolk and they have a completely different aura than humans, even if they used to be people. It's kinda hard for other merfolk to pick up on it, but it's easy for me since I'm 100% human. That's why I came here, and that is why I noticed the two of you immediately. You learn a lot about merfolk when your own boyfriend is a merman!"

He laughed, but Sasori saw beyond his jovial mirth. "That must be hard on you, Naruto," he managed with a cringe. The red head still felt heavy from the sedatives. "You can't even kiss him, can you?"

Naruto eyed him, but his smile never left. "I will one day, but in the meantime I prefer to keep my legs in tact." The blonde turned to Orochimaru, his smile never fading. "I actually know a few merfolk who have chosen to live on land. I could introduce you if you decide to remain here." The snake scowled but remained quiet, not wanting to accept the help but knowing it would be beneficial to his survival. "And I'm guessing you will all be returning to the ocean?" Naruto asked while turning back to the main group.

"It's up to Sasori," said Konan with a solemn look in her eyes. "If he wants to remain on land then that is his decision."

"It's okay, Konan," said Sasori with a tired smile. "I would be happy to return to the ocean with you and Deidara. However, I might wish to return one day, although I would never leave without Deidara."

The blonde smiled up at him in relief, nodding in approval at Sasori's remark. "I guess walking isn't too bad once you get the hang of it, un…but I still think clothes are weird." He shrugged and pressed his face against the red head's chest.

Sasori nodded as well and closed his eyes in thoughtful serenity. After days of uncertainty, he was back with his lover at last. "Let's go home."

SasoDei - Ocean Blues - Part 4
The last part of my commission from :iconterrakuman97:!

It's finally done @.@ Remind me to never take Sequel Commissions ever again ='D I apologize for the time it took to write; have just had a lot going on in my life lately.

Hope you likey at least ^-^


AkatsukiMemberWoolfy has started a donation pool!
529 / 1,000
Gimmie at least 1 point and I give you Llama XD ...Okay, so I won't give you a Llama since it won't fit in an envelope, but I'll give you a Llama badge XD

Any Spare Points? Pwetty Pwease? With SasoDei ontop?

I've decided I will do commissions for points ^-^

Writing Commission - 100 points (see below)

-No pairings containing OC's
-I don't really mind about character sexuality; Yaoi, Yuri and Hentai are fine
-I have to agree with the pairing, and I am free to deny a commission if I do not like the pairing
-It does not have to necessarily be an Akatsuki pairing, or even a Naruto one; I have seen quite a few other anime and I like a lot of pairings from other shows, such as KuroFai, AkuRoku and DouWata
- I can write sequels to already existing stories, but only the shorter ones such as Fangs and Fur and The Goldfish, but I can deny depending on my feelings about the existing story
- If you want me to follow a specific idea or plot, I have to like it for obvious reasons
- I cannot help how long or short the story is. I'll write as much as I am able to, some stories just can't be stretched out and some cant be squished in.
- Please send me a note so we can discuss before paying

Lineart- 25 points
Coloured picture- 50 points (1 character)
55 points (2 characters)
60 (3 characters)

Send me a note if you're interested ^-^ (I dont draw explicit stuff. No full-nudity either)

^-^ thank you

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Did not even realise that it had been so long since I had written a journal entry! Time really has flown by o.o

Not much to really say; I am currently doing my first lot of uni exams for the year, and I have watched a lot of different animes over the course of the year!

I apologize for my fanfiction writing hiatus; if it eases your pain, I am up to chapter 26 of my own original book o.o And my OTP at the moment is RannMaru (my own characters), but SasoDei still holds a special place in my heart! XD Even now, the word 'Danna' still just randomly appears in my head, confusing me with its occurrences.

I will alert you all once my book is complete! Just gotta try to fulfill my life long dream first ;)

I could always give you all a sample of what I had written so far...Maybe just a tiny peek ;)

    Maru boldly moved his hand forward again, as if to touch the man's handsome face, but he was stopped when a sudden strong hand gripped him by the wrist. A pained groan greeted them as the man began to move, and Rann finally opened his right eye. His left remained shut as he slowly sat up, and Maru was unable to retreat to safety, for the dangerous man still held his wrist.

    With his free hand, the man rubbed his forehead, as if he were trying to numb the ache he must have felt. His fingers ran through shaggy, brown hair that reached just below his ears. His fringe was strangely overgrown over the left side of his face, and it was obvious that he only shortened the fringe above his right eye. The stranger paused for a moment and looked to them blankly with his single, open eye. "Where is my eyepatch?"

    "Right here!" The blonde was clearly nervous, even though he attempted to hide his anxiety behind a smile. He was holding the black material to the man with his free hand, waiting for him to take it and release him. "It is nice to meet you. My name is Maru, and before you ask I am totally, one hundred percent single!"

    The guard looked at Maru blankly, taking his eye patch from him before turning his attention towards the girl. "Are you okay, ma'am?"

    She blinked in surprise at the question, and quickly nodded her head. "Yeah, just a little bruised and shaken, but nothing I can't handle. How are you feeling? I hit your head pretty hard…"

    "I was the one at fault, my lady. I apologize for my own actions. I fear I was not in the right mind at the time." Rann looked to the hand that still stubbornly held onto Maru's wrist, and it was as if he had only realised he was holding onto him at that moment. He let go indifferently and pulled the black material back over the left side of his face once again.

    As soon as he was free, Maru had scrambled backwards, as quick as a rabbit trying to put some distance between itself and its predator. The boy paused, still staring at the stranger with both caution and uncertainty. Even so, it did not take him long to finally speak. "This girl here is called Raly, and I will be the first to thank you for saving her." He grinned at the guard from a safe distance of two metres. Maru was rubbing his freed wrist anxiously, but his smile was that same flirtatious smile that made Caralyn question her guide's intentions. "In appreciation, I should really take you out to dinner sometime."

    Caralyn grabbed Maru by the arm, her expression absurd and her voice a whisper. "I thought we agreed that you wouldn't flirt with strange men you just met anymore…"

    Maru shrugged and laughed nervously, "I only agreed that I wouldn't flirt with princes! Does this guy look like a prince to you? Cut me some slack, Raly! I haven't seen someone as handsome as him in an eon!"

    "But he tried to kill you!"

    "You're still young, so I will put it into words you will be able to understand." He paused, and so did the world, all anticipating his sacred words. "…He. Is. Handsome." Caralyn slapped her own forehead, once again questioning the wisdom of her 'knowledgeable' guide.

Ever mention how much I love Maru? ;) He's an absolute dick, but he is still so damn lovable XD
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