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December 23, 2010
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SasoDei – Beauty and the Beast

Part 5

Deidara was in the garden, walking Sai around. "I still don't know why we don't just leave, Dei." The blonde didn't react in anyway, seeming to have dazed off while thinking. Sai gave a snort and nudged Deidara, causing him to come back to reality. The blonde looked around at him and patted the horse's snout.

"I like it here, un." The blonde smiled gently and continued to walk the horse around the snow laden garden.

Sasori watched Deidara from the main balcony. His eyes slid to the bandage on his right arm, and then back at the blonde. "…I've…Never felt this way about anyone before…"

Hidan blinked at the Beast. "What? Hey, you've managed to fall in love with Blondie!!" The candleholder chuckled. "I told you that if that was possible, then it is also possible for Blondie to fall for you, Beastie!!"

Sasori gave a snort, looking at his two servants. "I don't love him…I just…I want to do something special for him…But what?"

Itachi gave a cough, closing his eyes. "Flowers, chocolates…Promises you don't intend to keep…"

"Oi Oi Oi!!" The candleholder moved in front of the clock. "No way!! It has to be something fucking special!!"

Sasori frowned. "Wait…" He gave a faint smile behind the new bandana. "I have an idea."


"Close your eyes Brat." Sasori and Deidara stopped in front of a large pair of doors that the blonde hadn't seen before. "I have a surprise."

Deidara frowned suspiciously at the Beast. "Are you going to rape me or something like that?" Sasori gave him an unamused look, and the blonde gave a sigh. "M'kay, eyes are officially closed."

Sasori waved a paw in front of the blonde's face to make sure that he really had them closed. Satisfied by Deidara's lack of reaction he opened the doors, leading the blind blonde into the room. "Keep your eyes closed for a few more seconds." Sasori moved to open up the two large curtains, causing sunlight to stream into the room. "Okay, open." Deidara did as he was told, and gaped as he looked around. He was in a library which was filled with so many books that his heart skipped a beat. The blonde turned in a circle a few times, rubbing his eyes to make sure that he wasn't day dreaming. "Do you like it?"

The blonde turned to Sasori, eyes wide with gratitude. "I LOVE IT, UN!!"

The Beast was taken a back, but then gave a happy nod. "Then it's yours." Deidara gave a joyful exclamation, flinging his arms around Sasori. "Ah, please no hugs…" The Beast pushed the blonde away.

Deidara laughed. "Awww, you're shy, un!!" The blonde suddenly shuddered. "Hang on…I sense…A song!! HIDAN!!"

The music stopped. "SORRY!! FORGOT!!"


Sasori and Deidara were outside in the snowy garden. The blonde was feeding seed to the birds. He got an idea, putting a pile in the Beast's hands. Sasori frowned at the blonde, who motioned for him to offer the seed to the birds. He crouched down, offering it to the birds. They jumped away from him. Sasori gave a gentle growl and moved forward, again offering it to the birds. Deidara took some of the seed, creating a small trail from the birds to Sasori's paws. A small blue bird ate some of the seeds, and then flew onto the Beast's paws to eat from the pile. Sasori gave a smile and Deidara chuckled gently running off to hide behind a tree. He looked back after a few seconds to see Sasori covered in birds, looking confused. The blonde smirked wide and leaned down, making a snow ball. He jumped out from behind the tree, throwing it at the Beast.

It hit him on the face, causing the birds to fly away. Sasori blinked and looked over at the culprit. "You're going to pay for that, Brat!!" The Beast used his scorpion tail to scoop up a large blob of snow, flinging it at Deidara. It hit, causing the blonde to topple over. Deidara got back up, laughing.

"Oh yeah, un? Take this!!" Deidara kicked the tree, and then stood smugly. Sasori stared at the blonde, waiting for something to happen.

Nothing. "Is that-" Sasori was suddenly buried under a tonne of snow which had fallen from the tree branches above. Deidara fell onto the snow, rolling around in laughter. The blonde quickly stood, skipped inside still laughing, before Sasori had the chance to get revenge on him.


Deidara sat down in front of the fireplace, patting the floor, wanting Sasori to sit down next to him. The Beast gave a small snort, but a few seconds later sat beside the blonde. "Sasori…I would like a second chance, un…" Deidara smiled at the Beast. "Would you like to have dinner with me?"

Sasori blinked at the blonde. "…Dinner? With me? Of course, Dei!!" The Beast coughed, looking away. "I mean…It's not like I have anything better to do, Brat…"

Deidara laughed. "You're so bashful, un." The blonde leaned against the Beast's warm furry shoulder, opening the book he held. Deidara began to read aloud.

Itachi, Hidan, Kakuzu, Konan and Kisame watched them from the hallway. "Anyone could break the spell any fucking day now!!" Hidan cheered, putting an arm around the feather duster. "We'll soon be human again!!" Music began to play, but was quickly cut short. "Whoops…Forgot about Blondie's dislike of singing…"

Kakuzu gave a sigh. "Would you please leave me alone already?"

Hidan chuckled seductively. "Why would you want me to do that, Kuzu-Kun?"

The feather duster growled and hit the candle with his handle, using the opportunity to storm off. Hidan sneered. "What the fuck is his problem?"

"Hidan, would you please stop messing around?" The candleholder shrugged and shook his head.


Sasori sat in a tub, having a bath. The coat hanger known as Zetsu was busily at work washing him. "I hate bathing…"

Zetsu gave a snort. "Well I hate bathing you. So we're all even, aren't we?"

"This water is too cold…"

"Oh don't be a fucking Pussy!!" Hidan jumped about and twirled in a circle. "Tonight is the night we've all be waiting for!! When the time is right, just tell him how you feel!!"

"I don't know…" Sasori gave a sigh, getting out of the bath.

"Oi!!" Hidan waved his handles frantically. "Just look!!" He pointed at the wilting rose. "You don't have time to be timid!!"

The Beast gave a growl. "But what if he doesn't have the same feelings for me as I do for him?!"

Hidan gave a sigh. "You think too much. Tonight will go off without a hitch!! Just wait and see!!"


Sasori stood on the stairway, waiting for Deidara to come down and join him. He wore a blue tuxedo type outfit, even though he hadn't wanted to. What if the blonde had changed his mind? What if he would be a Beast forever? What if-…His thoughts were silenced when he caught sight of Deidara slowly descending the stairs. Sasori stared at the beautiful figure.

Deidara wore a golden dress which suited his blonde hair perfectly. The Beast looked the boy up and down, his eyes glancing over each perfect feature in turn. Deidara finally reached him, frowning. "I swear, Tobi has more dresses in him that the Library has books, un." The blonde shrugged and then gave a smile, locking arms with Sasori. "You look nice, Danna."

"You look beautiful…Ah…Brat." The Beast looked away, causing Deidara to chuckle as they descended down the last flight of stairs together.


The pair sat at each end of the elongated table, eating with the soft sound of music in the background (Deidara had specifically told them not to have any singing, so he had nothing to worry about). The blonde finished his soup and stood up, making his way to the other end of the table where Sasori sat. "Danna, would you like to dance with me, un?"

The Beast blinked at him. "No, I ca-"

"DANCE WITH HIM!!" Sasori gave a sigh and a nod, standing up. They linked arms again as they walked to the ballroom. Konan was about to start singing when Deidara shot her a look, making her shut up.

The blonde and the Beast stopped in the middle of the dance floor. Deidara took Sasori's left paw in his right hand, and rested the Beast's other paw around his waist. The blonde smirked up at Sasori, sliding the Beast's paw further down. Sasori realised the blonde's intentions and snatched his hand away. Deidara chuckled, taking hold of Sasori's paw once more. "Relax, Danna, I'm only joking." Sasori rolled his eyes and placed his paw around the blonde's waist again, keeping it there this time. They both began to glide and spin around the dance floor slowly. Sasori was a little worried at first, but quickly got the hang of it. They danced around the room without a care in the world. The pair looked deep into each others eyes as they spun, seeming to be completely hypnotized. The moment was ruined when Deidara suddenly tripped over the hem of his dress, falling face flat onto the floor. Sasori quickly helped he blonde back onto his feet. "I'm alright, un." The blonde grinned at the Beast, and both laughed in amusement. "I think I've had enough dancing for one night."


Sasori and Deidara sat out of the main balcony, looking up at the winking stars. "Deidara…" The blonde looked at the Beast, who scooted closer to him. "You…Like it here, right?"

Deidara blinked at him, and then smiled. "Yes, it's beautiful, un." The blonde looked back at the dark forest and stars, a sad expression.

Sasori noticed this and gave a frown. "What's wrong?"

"…It's just…" A soft smile rose on Deidara's lips. "I would like to see my father just one more time…To make sure he's alright…"

The Beast nodded solemnly, but then suddenly brightened up. "I know." He got to his feet, offering a paw for Deidara to take. "I have a surprise. Come on, it's in the West Wing." They held hands like teenage sweethearts as they walked.

"But I thought I wasn't allowed in the West Wing, un." The blonde gave Sasori a sly smirk.

"Since when have you obeyed my rules before?" Deidara shrugged and laughed, continuing to walk.


"Here," Sasori held an object out to the blonde, "it's a Magic Mirror. It will allow you to see anything you want."

"Oh that's perfect!!" Deidara took the object and held it up. "Show me my father…Please, un." The surface buzzed and then showed Onoki, travelling through the woods. He gave a spluttering cough and collapsed. Deidara's eyes widened. "He's sick!!" The blonde looked around frantically, hopping from foot to foot. "I need to save him!!"

"…You're free to go…" Deidara stopped panicking and stared at Sasori.

"…What?" Sasori gave a sigh.

"You're no longer my Prisoner…" Deidara frowned and held the mirror back out to the Beast, but he simply pushed it back. "Keep it…" Sasori ran a paw through Deidara's golden locks. "So you can look back here anytime you want…And remember…"

"Thank you so much for understanding, Danna…" The blonde put a hand against Sasori's face, stroking him gently and almost tenderly. "…Thank you, un…" Deidara turned and hurried out the room to get changed.

Sasori turned back, resting his paws on the pedestal as he watched the withering rose. The door suddenly reopened, though Sasori could tell who it was.

"This is fucking perfect!! The curse will be broken any minute now!!" Hidan laughed. "Didn't think you had it in ya, Beastie!! Where is Blondie then?"

"…I let him go…" The Beast didn't look back as he spoke, simply watching as another petal fell from his rose.


"…I wouldn't have wanted to find a girl…" The Beast straightened up and moved to the window.


Sasori watched as Deidara hopped onto the white horse, bolting out of the large iron gates which belonged to his domain. The Beast rested a paw against the cold glass, giving a sad and lost expression. "Because…I love him…"
Awwww D=
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